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4700 Overland Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049

Principal: Ed West

Associate Principal:
Steve Heffernan (F-K)

Assistant Principals:
Lisa Boyd (R-Z)
Mike Hill  (L-Q)
Keith Jones (A-E)

Athletic Director:
Mike Hill

Main: (785) 832-6050
Fax: (785) 832-6099

Attendance: (785)330-2503



LFS Late Arrival Schedule
for 2014-2015
9:05 am - 2:00 pm

September       4, 26
October 16, 23
November        13, 20
December        11
February        12
March   5, 12, 26
April           16
May             14

LFS Assembly Schedule
for 2014-2015
8:05 am - 2:00 pm

August  28
September       11
October 2, 30
January 29
February        19
April           9, 23, 30


Attendance Policy
Phone: 785-330-2503

On days your child is ill or is not going to be at school, please call the Attendance Office so we can keep the attendance record accurate.

Appointment/Early Pickup:
When your child has an appointment, we ask that you call in no later than two (2) hours before the appointment whenever possible. The same applies to parents needing to pick up their child early from school.

Student Passes:
Students who have an appointment scheduled during the school day need to come to pick up their off-campus pass from the Attendance Office between classes whenever possible. This limits classroom interruptions while ensuring students get their pass to leave on time.

Students MUST check out with the attendance office before leaving school when classes are in session. An unexcused absence occurs when the attendance office is not contacted by a guardian before and when a student misses more than half of a class period without a pass. Parents may excuse their student only if prior arrangements are made with the Attendance Clerk or the student's Assistant Principal.
Students who become ill during the day MUST check out with the school nurse OR an administrator BEFORE leaving school. Failure to check out properly constitutes an unexcused absence. The student is to bring an appointment card or written excuse by the parent to the Health Office the day of the appointment in order to secure a pass to leave school. Appointments are verified when necessary.

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Lunch Schedule
Monday thru Friday
1st lunch       11:47 - 12:17
2nd lunch       12:15 - 12:45
3rd lunch       12:43 - 1:13

1st lunch       11:05 - 11:35
2nd lunch       11:45 - 12:15
3rd lunch       12:30 - 1:00

Thursdays - Late Arrival
1st lunch       10:35 - 11:05
2nd lunch       11:15 - 11:45
3rd lunch       12:00 - 12:30

5th Period Lunch
1st lunch
English, Social Studies, Sped / AVID / ESL

2nd lunch
Math, Science, Foreign Language

3rd lunch
PE, Fine Arts, CTEI

4th Period Lunch
1st lunch
English, Social Studies, Sped / AVID / ESL

2nd lunch
Math, Science, Foreign Language

3rd lunch
PE, Fine Arts, CTE

Last Modified: Nov 01, 2012

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